Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Version of a Thursday Night.

Taking a Study Break for My Sanity.
I can only handle looking at mechanisms of reactions for so long before I'm ready to pull my hair out.

I know this image makes you jealous of my fun Thursday night! ;)

I usually study in my room, or with my sweet O-Chem study buddies in one of our apartments.. but tonight I decided to hit up the library study rooms for some hardcore study time.

I'm not the best at studying, because I have trouble focusing.. I get easily distracted, hence the reason I'm writing a blog post right now. HOWEVER, I am a firm believer in taking periodic breaks because otherwise you get burnt out and "over study". This year I've studied more than I ever have since I've been taking O-Chem.. and I really love the class, but it really makes my brain a pile of mush by the time I finish my test!

What are y'alls study tips?
I would love to hear some.. because this test tomorrow is going to kick my tail!


Jordan said...

I wish I could give you some study tips but like you, I get distracted easily! I hate studying!!! Good luck, girl! :-)

Bracey Pate said...

I don't really have any study tips per say, but I just read yesterday that procrastinating is healthy. Of course, not putting off studying completely, but taking small breaks. So keep on doing what you're doing! And good luck on your test!

Jenn W said...

i dont know if this is applicable to o-chem but notecards always do the trick for me...definitely do better whenever i make them for my tests.

oh...and lots and lots of coffee...maybe some chocolate thrown in there too...

Jessica said...

that white board/study room reminds me of alll the studying I did for undergrad anatomy! I would fillll an entire whiteboard with all the muscles and it really helped me. My tip is just to write it over and over- that's what I do. I heard somewhere that if you write things at least 7 times you will learn it. Oh and I second jenn- lots of coffee ;)

Good luck with the rest of your studying and enjoy your much needed break!

Meghan said...

I like to break up my work into manageable "groups", and then reward myself with internet time after I finish each one.

Ann said...

my tip would be to disconnect the internet. whenever i study, i'm always tempted to go on the internet, so disconnecting it saves time and leaves me no other choice but to focus.

Neely said...

I feel your pain but Im science retarded

Katie said...

I have specific playlists for certain subjects. I also pick one specific song to listen to for about 15 minutes before the test starts!

Jamie said...

Oh girl...that chart just makes my head hurt!

Good luck on your test!

Courtney said...

Girl, I wish I could help but I am the worst procrastinator alive! But I feel your pain...I've got a Comm Law test in the morning that I have been studying for for about the last 12 hours and my brain hurts! Good luck!!

Sam {} said...

i always gave myself lots of little rewards :) coffee, chocolate, naps, etc...but i was an english lit much easier!

Megan said...

I had to study more the last two years of college for nursing than ever in my life. Definitely take breaks. They say you can only sit still and process information for 1 hour. Then you need a break...even if it's just 10 minutes.

AJ said...

After 20 years of education I have discovered a lot about studies and stuff. Below are some study tips which I use and I have used myself.

1. Dont worry about the scores. That is just on-paper intelligence.
2. Dont be excessively worried about your studies.
3. Look at it as an interesting task you have to do.
4. TAKE NOTES. This is Very Important. Read a chapter, jot down points in your own style and as per your own understanding. Afterwards, you may read only the points (the notes you've taken and unless you get stuck up on a particular point, you need not look at the book again.
5. Try to solve problems or questions once in a while. Just to ensure that the engine of brain starts with the first key-turn and runs with every push to the gas peddle.
6. READ solved questions to understand the methodology and Solve in your mind at the same time.
7. Take breaks. If you wish to listen to a song; do it. If you wish to watch TV for some time; do it. Your brain works even when you do that, without you even noticing.

These are all my tailor-made tips which I share with whoever approaches me for any exam or study related consultancy.

All the best to you.

smith said...

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