Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Link up with Jamie for WILW!

Today I'm loving...

1. Last night's episode of GLEE!
Making Tuesdays 10x better.. GLEE is back! And last night's Valentine's episode was so good. I loved all the music.. so I've already been listening to the songs on youtube like CRAZY!

2. All of the great giveaways out there!
Check out some of these:
This awesome giveaway from Heather!
She's giving away a copy of Gretchen Rubin's book "The Happiness Project." and a Starbuck's Gift Card!
Click here to enter!

TOMS giveaway from Elizabeth!
I have the burlap pair and just LOVE them to pieces! 
I would absolutely love to get these red canvas TOMS if I won ;)

Click HERE to enter!

Kate Spade bangle giveaway from Ashley Lauren!
Click HERE to enter!

3. That it's getting even closer to the WEEKEND!
I live for the weekends!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful wednesday! Don't forget to go link up with Jamie!


Nicole said...

Whew! Lots of giveaways! Ha! I will have to check those out!

Sam {} said...

ooo, headed to check out those giveaways now!

Suze said...

I'm so glad the weekend is close, desperately need it!

So excited for all these giveaways! wow!

Have a great afternoon!

Meredith! said...

i loved the glee episode too! and the fball episode on sunday!
these are great giveaways!

Jami said...

I love Glee but I wasnt able to watch it last night because of work...cant wait to watch it!! Love that bangle!!

Heather said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway :)!

cRk said...

I loved Glee last night!!! Thanks for the heads up on the giveaways!!

Michelle Leigh said...

New Follower! Wasn't able to catch last night's episode of Glee, but I will absolutely be watching it online over the weekend after work/class slows down a bit! Loved the Super Bowl episode though!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I loved Glee's episode the other night! I'm so glad it's back on :)