Monday, November 8, 2010

Snuggie Time.

I bit the bullet. Swore I would NEVER buy a snuggie and today I made the purchase. The other night I was sitting in my room freezing, and couldn't figure out a way to wrap up in my blanket for optimum warmth, while still being able to work on my homework. Then... Walmart had snuggies on display and I was a sucker. Made the purchase. And let me just tell you.. it was well worth it. This thing is the BOMB dot COM.
Unwrapping the beloved snuggie.
Me and Ally decided this is an even better investment than just for warmth.. throw a cute belt around the middle and you have a gameday dress! hahaha totally kidding.
Hope ya'll have had a marvelous Monday!! :)


Suze said...

I love my snuggie too! I would say I'd never get one but i kept complaining of being cold while doing school work so my mom bought me one last christmas and its best investment ever. But i'd never by any means go out in public with that thing on ha ha. Hope you stay warm tonight girl :)

Sarah said...

I always said I'd never get one too, but my aunt got me one for Christmas last year, and it was well worth it!

Val said...

I am STILL saying I'll never own one. And I think the only reason is because I refuse to jump on the "snuggie" bandwagon.

But....with all that being said, if I found one with NASCAR on it, I just might make a secret purchase. :-)

IrishPrincess said...

I am always cold. Meaning I love blankets, and I most def. love my snuggie. Welcome to the cult. ;)

Jess said...

Next GA game I better see you wearing this with a belt!!! hahaha Love you!