Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday!

Today was my first black friday experience, and let me just say.. it was a BLAST.
Yesterday I was on my way to Thanksgiving dinner and I had this sudden urge to do something adventurous.. so me and my little sis decided we should do Black Friday. Neither of us had ever done it before.. and we thought, "hey! why not!" Well then Ally texted me asking what I was up to, I told her our gameplan and she decided to join the fun. So around 11:30 last night, after perusing the sale ads and scoping out the things we wanted we headed over to Target to scope out the lines. We were not game on camping outside the store for 5 hours, and the line wasn't insane so we hit up IHOP to kill some time.
After we fueled up on a short stack and bacon we headed back to Target and chilled in the car.. these 2 napped but I couldn't fall asleep because I enjoy people watching WAY too much!
Then 3:30 rolled around and we headed out to get in line, Ally was still a little disoriented putting her boots on and realized after getting out of the car they were on the wrong feet! haha
Waiting in line..
When we finally made it in the store we were amazed at how calm it was.. you always see people sprinting through aisles in news footage, but it was nothing like that.
We managed to get everything we wanted in 5 minutes.. and then just perused Target for 15 minutes seeing what else they had. (let me just say, I'm mad they didn't put their Merona turtlenecks on sale because those are my favorite and I was banking on them being 1/2 price) Then we hit up the checkout line and we were literally out of the store in less than 30 minutes, and back asleep by 5!
Black Friday was a SUCCESS!! and everything I bought was for myself.. but hey! I got a cute houndstooth blanket and some great movie deals! Anyone else join in for the madness?!

p.s. I redid the blog today! Thanks to my sweet daddy for taking me a holiday shoe pic! Hope ya'll like the new holiday look!


Jenn W said...

love the new header! and the christmasy background...i gotta add something holidayish to my blog!

sounds like you had a great black friday experience..i've never really gotten into the whole ordeal but next year i think i want to see what it's all about.

Meredith said...

i love your blog and your pic!! it is so cute!! =) bailey and i were out literally all night! toys r us at 10, brandsmart at 12, then target at 4! we werent back till 6:30.. it was quite an adventure! i was exhausted but, it was pretty fun!

Jamie said...

Glad y'all had a fun time! I'd definitely be people watching too :

LOVE the new header...too cute!

capperson said...

Love the new header.
I tried toys r us at 10:30 last night and was definately home by It was rediculous here!

Kerri said...

love the new look! you are so brave to go out with the hardcore shoppers! :)

Christa said...

Sounds like y'all had a fun time! LOVE your header.....adorable!

Suze said...

Your new look is CUTE! love it! I could never do black friday , love sleep toooo much! But i'd be awake to people watch! people watch is soooo fun :) hope you've had a great long holiday weekend and have a great monday!!