Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year's

Well, I said I'd be better with my posting... and I'm behind.
I never got around to blogging about New Year's because I was soaking up my last few days of break... and studying for the beloved PCAT, yet again.

New Year's we didn't make plans.
Because what always happens when you make plans?
They don't end up happening.. at least with my crazy group of friends that's the case.
So we just planned to head downtown and run into who we run into.
And it worked JUST fine.

Ben came to Athens for New Year's too.. so Jasmine, Ben, and I headed to a small low-key bar before midnight so we could actually talk and move around. And then we met up with the rest of our friends at some other bars as the night progressed.

Downtown Athens was so packed, and with an overload of sequins and stilettos that girls couldn't walk in. It provided some WONDERFUL entertainment. By the time the bars closed most girls were walking around barefoot, and clothes were being lost. (yikes!)
Sometimes you just have to wonder what some girls are thinking...

In the process of trying to find a cab at 2AM we made a lot of friends, some of which are pictured above. ;) You really bond with people when you're all trying unsuccessfully to get a cab ride home, and IN the cab itself is always interesting too. Cab drivers are of a different breed.

All in all it was a wonderful way to ring in the New Year!
Hope your 2013 has been off to a wonderful start so far!


Blake K. said...

I was in Athens on New Years too and it was insanity, but still fun! I walked home with a friend before it was even one haha
Looks like you had a great time!

Kristen said...

Oh girl I do not envy you for the PCAT. Good luck!!!

Lauren said...

Hahaha! looks like those girls had a little tooo much fun!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh Athens Cab drivers. They always keep it interesting.

Leanna Vera said...

It looks like your NYE was a lot of fun! I can't get over that last picture of those girls...keep it classy!

Amanda said...

sometimes I like not making plans and just going with it. It seems like that yielded some pretty fun entertainment!

Kerri said...

Cab drivers! We always had a guy named Mickey who drove for our sorority events and he was the straight up bomb. I can't even imagine the shenanigans he sees on a Thursday night. Oh to be a fly on the van wall! You looked adorable, as always!

Erin @ Sassin Southern Style said...

Found your blog through the Twittahs, and I hope your semester is off to a great start. I read a post you wrote about pharm school, and you'll make it. God has placed this desire in your heart because He knows you doing it will glorify him. I speak from experience. :)

Taylor said...

Hahahah, oh Cabs. I have weird stories about cabs too, although I am rarely ever in a cab. Once in Milan I had a cab driver who was the stinkiest human being on earth. It was revolting...I almost died (not really). But it was so so so so terrible!