Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Your Fitness on with Beachbody!

It's January, which generally means everyone is trying to stick to their resolutions of losing weight, getting active, and hitting the gym.

And if there's anything I dislike... it's a crowded gym. 
It's hard enough sometimes getting the motivation to put on the workout clothes, then drive in the cold to the gym, only to find that the place is packed and there's barely room for you to workout.

Emily from Beachbody contacted me to let you all know about some awesome new programs they have available for you and your fitness.

Beachbody is the brand behind P90x, and having used P90x before.. I can honestly say, this stuff will get you IN SHAPE. 

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series: 
Just watching the video on this site makes this it look like fun. I've been doing an aerobics class this semester, and this workout seems like it would be pretty similar. Simple moves, but they'll leave you sore the next day. And it's a 30-day workout, you can't beat that.

INSANITY: The Asylum Volume 2:
If you're wanting to take your fitness up a notch, this would be the workout for you. The name says it all. It literally seems to target every area of your body, and given how weak my upper body is.. this set would be perfect to strengthen my arms AND my legs. The workout lengths vary, with some being 60 minutes, and others being 30-40 minutes.

Les Mills Pump:
This workout appeals to me because the workouts are short. I don't have a lot of extra time in my day between work, classes, and studying. With 30 minute high intensity cardio workouts.. you can get it in easily and be done for the day. The body bench and added weights can help intensify the workouts, so you can always boost your cardio level.

P90X Certified Trainer:
Maybe your'e already familiar with P90X, or want to get more involved in helping other people achieve their fitness goals? This program helps you understand more about the anatomy & physiology, and the science and nutrition BEHIND these workouts. Being a nutrition science major, I can tell you firsthand how important it is to know the science behind all of the hard work you're putting in at the gym. It makes your workouts much more effective when you know how your body works and responds to different things. This 2-day online course is a great way to become more knowledgeable in these areas, and more confident in your athletic training.

Given what we pay for gym memberships, the prices are pretty affordable. And with the payment options, it's even easier. Check them out, and see what interests you!

I was not compensated for this review, and did not receive any products. All thoughts on the products are my own. Pictures above are from the sites provided in the links. 

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J and A said...

I LOVE Beachbody! I have done P90X, Insanity, Asylum, BBL, Turbofire and I am on my last week of ChaLEAN Extreme. So yea...love their workouts. I really want Les Mills Pump!!