Monday, May 21, 2012


Okay, Let's just get it out there: Swimsuit Season SUCKS.
I'm never ready, 
never pleased with how I look in a bikini, 
and swimsuit shopping? 
Well that's just the pits.

Some of you may have seen my tweet over the weekend:


I went on the dreaded swimsuit shopping trip Saturday, and must say... I find the sizing of Target swimsuits puzzling.

Why are the sizes so small?
My booty isn't that big, I have what you would call the "white girl booty" aka non-existent, so I like to think that I'm not a size large. 

In fact, I'm pretty sure my little size zero sister can't wear the small.
Who fits into these?!
No wonder swimsuit shopping is so awful, it's already bad to see yourself in the mirror in a bikini... but in a swimsuit that makes you realize you need 2 sizes bigger? that just really ruins my self-esteem.

So that's my vent session.


Share your thoughts!


Mere said...

OH MY GOSH I TOTALLY AGREE! Swimsuits honestly just fall off of me...and not because I'm tiny but because I have no behind or front! lol. Seriously, I HATE bathing suits but I love being out in the sun by the pool!!! Basically, I get all my separates at Old Navy... the bottoms (sometimes) actually cover everything, and the tops are cute to mix and match with the bottoms. But then sometimes I feel like a hoochi with the tops I wear, but I only get them because they actually FIT! Whew, ok, sorry for that little ranting comment haha. Hope you found/find something you feel good and comfortable wearing!!!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that about Target suits before. It's not just you, doll. And if you can't fit in the small then no one can - you're tiny! I love cute bikinis and my faves are Victoria's Secret. They've never failed to fit perfectly and are so cute to mix & match. Bonus: they're not crazy expensive.

Abbey S said...

Ugh. I'm putting it off. Perhaps indefinitely. Although my old suit might not fit anymore. But seriously. Who needs the trauma of shopping?

Christine said...

I'm so sorry to hear. I'm in a bit of the same boat too. I can't for the life of me find tops that fit, because there's nothing there! Lol.

Turtles and Pearls said...

Target's swimsuit sizing (at least in the "juniors" department) is the WORST. Everything is so small! I do like their women's suits, though (Merona is the brand I have, I think). I also think Victoria's Secret's are WAY tiny this year! J. Crew swimsuits are my favorite, but they're so expensive.

Lauren said...

I agree 100%! I'm no size zero but it's super annoying! :(

Arielle Hattan said...

I agree completely!!! I think it has something to do with younger girls (12/13 year olds) are wearing styles that WE should be wearing. Where did modesty go?!

Amber said...

I LOATHE swimsuit shopping! For 1: so not comfortable with my midsection right now and 2: I cannot find tops big enough... and other than being uncomfortable with my body, I am not an all around Large Girl. So it just makes the whole process miserable. I feel your pain, girlie :(

Kristin said...

I hate bathing suit shopping! I have to say though....Old Navy's have fit me the best. I thought the VS ones i bought this year were tiny but I actually fit. Some of them shouldnt make you look like you are wearing a thong which some of them do!

Laura Darling said...

I deal with this by simply not going. Although I have some pool activities planned for this weekend and all I have is last year's suits, which may not work out so well. :(

Heather said... It's the most horrible thing ever!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I went to the beach last week with the large majority of Greek Life at my school and was not looking forward to putting on a bikini especially since I'm bigger on top and so many bikini tops are tiny. J.Crew and VS generally work the best for me! Other than that I've just learned to let go and not care!

Suzzie V said...

I wish I could always be at a lake. So jealous of you!