Monday, April 30, 2012

WHAT a Weekend.

I had one of the best and busiest weekends I've had in a while.
So many festivities in Athens, just another reminder of why I live in the best college town EVER. 

We went to two concerts this weekend, a Pig Roast, and Twilight was going on. (Twilight is a big bike race through Athens) Basically, Athens was the place to be this weekend... it was chaotic and oh so lovely. 

So considering how many cool things I went to this weekend, I'll have to split them up into separate posts.

So today I'll do the Pig Roast.
Saturday afternoon the FourCoursemen hosted a Pig Roast at their shotgun house off of downtown.

The FourCoursemen are  a group of chefs from the Athens area who love to cook and entertain. They have this awesome shotgun house that they host dinners in once a month, and anyone can go... if you manage to get a reservation. They go FAST. And the food looks incredible. 

"We’re a group of close friends who use sustainable ingredients to create meals with paired wines because we are passionate about food, wine, challenging ourselves and our community, and want others to share that passion. "

They keep the location of their house a secret, and we discovered them because they were featured in a show on the Cooking Channel a while back. They are all just the NICEST guys. So welcoming, and so passionate about what they do. 
Check out their Southern Living article HERE.

So once a year they hold this Pig Roast for their fans, you bring a covered dish and they provide the pig and some beer.

So duh, we went.
We didn't know a soul there, but most people didn't know each other. Nothing like food to bring people together. :)
 Everyone mingled, and drank beer and wine punch while we waited to eat. 
It was such a neat atmosphere, and such a variety of people. 
Great Music.

and then it was time to eat!

 I wish there was a way to let you smell that food. It was amazing.
So much fun, and now I'm DYING to go to one of they're actual dinners.
Crossing my fingers I can one day get a reservation!

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend too!


Angie said...

Okay that looks like an amazingly good time!!! I love pig roasts & love pig roasts with beer even more. Oh how I can't wait to have this baby so I can enjoy a beer lol :)

Tiffany said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!
I wish they did things like that around here.
I love love love that last picture! So artistic.

Jamie said...

Prime example of why I will NEVER leave Athens unless I am forced out! Haha!!

Neely said...

Looks freaking amazing. BTW you are an awesome photographer

Kristen said...

That sounds like so much fun!

taylorlsteele said...

Great pictures! I think a pig roast is the epitome of southern get-togethers :)

Nicole said...

That looks like such a blast!

Anonymous said...

My husband went to Bama, but he swears if he'd known about Athens Georgia before he met me he would've come to UGA. Had we not been obligated to attend his colleague's wedding Saturday we would've headed to the Classic City & gone to the pig roast. It's actually on my bucket list :) I'm so glad y'all got to go - I can only imagine how much fun you had! As so many UGA Alum have said over the years, the only bad thing about going to Georgia is the drive away from Athens on graduation day. Amen to that!

Christa said...

That looks like fun!

lori said...

i haven't ever heard of these guys! so fun!!

Jessica said...

How fun! This post made me seriously hungry :-)

Katy M said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! All that food looks amazing!!

Missy Ann Rinfret said...

cute pictures- looks like a fun weekend! new follower, sweetie! xx

Missy Ann Rinfret said...

cute pictures- looks like a fun weekend! new follower, sweetie! xx