Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest Post: Raising Awareness of Your Personal Beauty Through Fashion

Today I'm sharing a guest post with you from Jackie Clark.
Jackie contacted me a few weeks ago about sharing a post on my blog, and she won me over with the passion behind her blogging. She does Outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, and wants to empower women to feel beautiful despite their cancer diagnosis or given circumstances. 
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Raising Awareness of Your Personal Beauty Through Fashion
by Jackie Clark

All women are beautiful. Some of them just don't realize it. Whether a woman has low self-esteem or is going though a difficult time in her life, she may fail to realize that she has inner beauty. She just has to let it shine. Once a woman has learned to embrace her inner beauty, she often begins to realize that she is in possession of outer beauty as well. No woman is physically the same. Each woman is a unique and beautiful blend of characteristics and features that will never again be found in one individual. That fact alone should be enough reason to celebrate, but often it is not. That's where an awareness of fashion may help.

Fashion doesn't equal beauty, but fashion can go a long way toward making a woman more self-aware of her own personal beauty. Woman face so many challenges that they forget to focus on anything but their struggles. For example, a woman who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer may forget that she is so much more than a cancer diagnosis. Fashion can be used as an outlet to bring a woman back in touch with herself as an attractive female. Exploring various fashion trends can serve as a vacation from worry as well as an experiment to discover which styles look best. A woman's goal should be to find the statement pieces that make her look and feel her best. Sometimes a woman needs to see more than just a face and body in the mirror.

When a woman puts on a  fashionable outfit in the hottest color of the season, it can help her mood considerably. Soft, pretty floral prints or bold, colorful stripes can make a woman feel more vibrant. There is always time for wearing sweatpants and pajamas around the house, but those old standbys never make a woman feel like the prettiest girl in the room. On the other hand, a fun and fashionable outfit by the most popular designers of today can make a woman feel attractive. That feeling can lead to desire for tasteful makeup and a new hairstyle. Before you know it, a woman has a whole new outlook. She looks and feels better. That's the benefit of fashion.

Women should try very hard not to let anything stand in their way of realizing their inner and outer beauty. Although it can be challenging not to let a mesothelioma cancer diagnosis or other illness send them into a depression, it can be difficult. The important thing is to remember that difficult doesn't mean impossible. Adding a fresh burst of color to a wardrobe can be a pick-me-up, and seeing a well-dressed and fashionable reflection in the mirror is sure to put a smile on any woman's face. There is never a bad time to experience with fashion, and developing a signature style can be fun and empowering. Whether it's adding bold prints or colors to every outfit, any woman can find comfort in the arms of fashion.


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice! I have a friend from church who's currently going through chemo. Her body is wracked with nausea, weak from treatments & she's lost all of her hair. Yet she gets up everyday & wears bright colors, scarves, fun wigs & hats, and a gorgeous smile on her face. She proves how dressing your attitude can help boost your outlook despite a tough circumstance. She's my hero for a reason :) Great post & wonderful advice Jackie!

sara said...

your post will help us to Get personal Beauty And Style