Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm linking up today with Jamie for WILW!

Today I'm loving...
That all of these sweet people helped me celebrate my birthday this past weekend! Tomorrow I'll have a post dedicated to our festivities! We had so much fun :)
Last night I purchased tickets to another Concert next week!!! :) I'm going to see Green River Ordinance, (LOVE their music), and Boyce Avenue. I can't wait! I'm really into concerting lately.. it's my new hobby I believe. All my spare change is going to these concerts.. I may be living off ramen soon.

I'm actually doing decent in Calc II. It's a miracle friends. I aced my quiz this week.. and I've been rocking the homework. #holla

My new RED cowboy boots that I got for my biiiiirthday. And I'm not lying when I say I'm loving them; I've been wearing them around my apartment with my nike shorts and t-shirts. I can't wait to rock them at a GA game soon!! :)
pardon my messy bathroom in the background

What are YOU loving today?! Go link up and share it with us!!!


Neely said...

A girl I went to hs with dated one of those guys in GRO for a while...they are from Ft. Worth!

Sarah said...

Has your iphone fund turned into a concert fund? haha

YAY for calc2!!! :) :)

Cute boots!

Anonymous said...

love your new red boots!! :)

Portuguese Prepster said...

so glad you go to see all of your friends for your birthday!

Individually Unique; Together Complete said...

awesome post! :] I have never heard of Green River Ordinance and they sound amazing! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful time at the concert! - Aly

J and A said...

Love those boots! :)

Jessica said...

love those boots- too cute!! I couldn't pull them off tho!
and SO jealous by your tweets about getting to see Boyce Avenue- LOVE THEM!

Amy Rene said...

happy birthday! hope you had fun :)
and CUTE boots!!

{I've got a Kate Spade giveaway going on right now & would love to see you there!}

BeckyJo606 said...

Your boots are so so cute! I hope you have a great Wednesday! :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Love your new boots! Too cute!

Nicole said...

I saw GRO a few years ago when they opened up for Gavin Degraw... their song Endlessly is my absolute FAVORITE!!! And Seriously, how loved are you?? Can't wait for that birthday celebration post!