Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Mallory!

Today my sweet little sister is turning 17.
Which is so hard to believe,
it seems like just yesterday she was my "real-life baby doll."

 and I used her as a canvas to practice my Pocahontas Indian War Paint. ;)

Sweet little Mal, 
thanks for always being my number one fan!
I couldn't ask for a better little sister!
I love you bunches and hope 17 is one of the best years yet!


JENN said...

Cute post, and such adorable pictures!


Leanna Vera said...

I love this post about your sister. My baby sister is about to start college this year and I can't get over how fast she grew up!

Katie said...

I love old photos- y'all are too cute! Happy birthday to her!

Nicole said...

SO sweet! Happy birthday, Mallory!

Marjorie said...


Heather said...

So sweet :). I hope she had an amazing birthday!