Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's time for my favorite link-up!!!

Here's what I'm loving today:
white chicken chili kits.
  If you haven't tried one of these, get yourself to the store right this second and get you one. It's super easy to make, and I add in everything it suggests on the back. Holy smokes, I've been eating it all week and I'm STILL not tired of it.

I'm getting into cooking again. 
I've been really bad about eating random stuff, and not cooking a whole lot. BUT, this past week I've been cooking up a storm!! And I even baked some blueberry muffins with my grandmother's amazing recipe. 
 mmmm! mmm! good!

I actually did this over a week ago.. but I'm still reliving the amazing experience.
This gorgeous weather.
It's making me want to pull out my spring wardrobe!
So I did a mini fashion show for my mirror last night, trying to mix and match some winter pieces with my spring pieces.. but I'm not so sure this is fashionably acceptable. But I don't know.. I feel like the fashion bloggers always wear things I would NEVER find fashionably acceptable, and they totally rock it.
(Can you tell I've been reading too many fashion blogs lately?)

New Goal: Have an open mind when looking through my closet.

I found it yesterday and have been obsessed ever since.
The girl can make a mean stack [of bracelets].. and I would love to raid her closet.

Now go link up and share what YOU are loving my friends!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I loove Atlantic Pacific! It's been unnaturally warm here too and it has me dying for Spring! That chili sounds delish too!

Kristen said...

I haven't had one of those chili kits, but I've made White Chicken Chili before - I LOVE it!!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

LOVE the chicken chili kit! So fun. Getting back into baking and cooking is the best. It really helps you just slow down. Thanks for the reminder.

Happy seeing beautiful!

Alyssa said...

I love Ikea! I could totally get lost in there...literally haha!

Jenn W said...

hmm..i've never seen that white chicken chili kit in stores but now i'm going to be hunting it down. i love WCC but never have had a good recipe!

i think that skirt and the boots look cute. i love looking at fashion bloggers but never know how to pull off the things they wear! sadly...

Café Moka said...

I also LOVE IKEA!!!

Short, Sweet, and Petite said...

Wonderful things that you're loving this Wednesday! The white chicken chili sounds DELICIOUS!

Amberly Enich said...

Great loves! Im going to check out this blog!

Liv Kit said...

Awesome loves.. I wish I could eat blueberrie muffines. Love that skirt!

Kate said...

White chicken chili sounds awesome! Yum!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along girl!

I love white chicken chili but have never seen a kit for it...I'll have to look out for one!