Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Latest Obsession.

Meet the beloved game of Darts.
My new favorite thing.

I had never played a legit game of darts until we were at some bar in Athens.. and lo and behold, I'm a beast at it! So naturally, Jasmine and I decided our apartment needed to be graced with a dart board.
And yes, I do realize that sounds like something you would find in a guy's apartment. But we are proud of this thing.

It was a massive project. 
Involving a few trips to Lowe's, Academy Sports, and power tools. 
That's right, power tools.

Sadly no pictures were taken during this dart board acquisition and installation.. BUT what's important is the finished product. 

For the backboard we had them custom cut us a piece of wood at Lowe's, then spray painted it with Chalkboard Paint. Keeping it cute and semi-girly.. and the perfect spot for our guests to sign when they come play a game!

But in the meantime, we're just filling it up with funny quotes from our friends. :)

and if you haven't played a real game of darts...
my friends, you are missing out! Go get you a dart board TODAY and get on this.
It will be your new obsession too. 
I can feel it! ;)

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