Wednesday, March 20, 2013

College Lessons

College... "the best 4 or 5 years of your life."
That's what most people say, right?

College has been amazing. (And it will continue to be hopefully.. now that I've got 4 more years ahead of me.)

The past four years have flown by... I've learned mounds of things that I would have never dreamed I would learn about. Organic chemistry? Who knew I would be able to trace where all an electron will move to in a reaction. It'll make your eyes cross.

But most of all, outside of the academics, I've learned a lot of life lessons. College puts you through hell.. at least in the classes I've taken. It makes you question yourself, and question your brains. You think you're smart... and then you get to college and all of a sudden there are these genius kids who come out of no where. (No really... where do they come from?!)

There are days when you find yourself with your face in the mud... and then others where you're on top of the world. And it can all change at the drop of a hat.

I've learned that hard work sometimes doesn't pay off the way you expect it to.
A's are cherished.
C's suddenly don't seem so bad.
And making a 43 on a test? Well... it happens.

I've learned that things always work out even if they aren't the way you planned for them to.
I've learned that a thank you note goes a long way.
Feeling appreciated and showing people they're appreciated, is one of the greatest gifts we can offer.
I've learned procrastination will screw you over... and it's a horrible habit to break.

I've learned that sometimes having no plans, is the best plan.
And ultimately, your plan may not be God's plan... so you have to learn to be okay with that.

I've learned that being passionate about something makes all the difference in the world.
And most importantly, I've learned that sometimes things just aren't meant to be.. but they will ALWAYS work out.

I've grown a lot over the past few years. And as quickly as they've seemed to pass, looking back now, my 18 year old self seems so young and immature. It seems like decades ago that I was stressing over General Chemistry that long summer.. and thinking back over all of the classes I've taken makes me feel so accomplished. Things have really fallen into place here lately. Four years ago I would have never imagined all of the things I've done, or where I've ended up... but it has all been 100% worth it.

Jeremiah 29:11 has never rang truer.


Erin @ Sassin Southern Style said...

Jeremiah 29:11 is my life verse. It is the one thing I try to keep at the forefront of my mind. Well, that and "fake it til you make it" which is what's usually at the forefront of my mind during school.

It's always crazy to think about how much you've learned and learned about yourself. You'll really be shocked in 4 years!

Lindsey said...

These are definitely some of the best lessons college taught me, but also some of the hardest. When I get a grade back, it sometimes feels like the end of the world, but Cs really do get PharmDs and as long as I am working hard, I'm okay with a C here or there!

Melissa said...

I am so proud of you and can't wait to see these next 4 years fly by!!!!

Lauren said...

Wow! This is so true! :)

College was SUCH a special time in my life and where some of my best memories took place. I love that you said that C's didn't seem so bad because I totally got to that point.

Kristen said...

There is definitely a lot of growing potential in college. That's what it makes it so memorable. :)

Kristin said...

I love this post. It couldn't be any truer. College serves you an education about your own life as you obtain an education for something else. I can relate to each part of this post. In the end, you wonder how you made it through but you survive. :)

Southern Charm said...

Couldn't agree more with everything! The biggest thing I've learned is defining failure, because sometimes what looks like failure, is really God's way of saying its okay you made a 52, I've still got this in the works for you.

Anonymous said...

I love this! You pretty much wrote exactly how I felt (and still feel) about college after it was all over.

Portuguese Prepster said...

I blogged about graduating about a week ago! It's a big change but I agree, I have matured so much since high school. I've also become much more laid back about the occasional bad grade or sticky social situation. Things roll off my back so much more easily now!

Amanda said...

I love this so much. It's so true. College teaches you so much about yourself and your will and gumption and puts you in this fabulous place to trust the Lord and lean on Him without reservation. And I lovelovelove that you put in the bit about grades. Because 43's DO happen. And it's nothing worth stressing about in the long run. Your perspective is great.

PostgradPrep said...

I agree! College teaches you some tough lessons but God's plan is ultimately the Big Picture! I am so excited for you and your next four years in Pharm School!

mQs said...

I am currently finishing up my freshman year of college. I am starting to figure out that while, yes college is about the academics, it is also about learning life lessons. People who I though were my good friends at the beginning of the semester I no longer speak to. It is just a big lesson on how to manage your time, think for yourself, and how to deal with people.