Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sig Figs

Calling all of my fellow Science Nerds...
Over the course of my college career I've been fortunate enough to take NUMEROUS science classes. (too many to count) and in each of these we've used the beloved Significant Figures.

Every professor has always taught it the same way. UNTIL now.

Apparently my professor this summer invented his own form of sig figs, because on our homework assignment this week the entire class missed the question. (Meaning, 200 people) and he still refuses to change it.

Just have a look-see and see what you think:

Two significant figures to ME means that you would express the pH as 4.7 not 4.70... 4.70 is 3 significant figures from what I've been taught.

He claims that we could have always asked him about it if we were confused. WELL, I wasn't confused dude. There's nothing confusing about sig figs... until you decide your definition is different from every textbook and considered 2 to the RIGHT of the decimal point. Now I'm worried about what else I might think I know, that he has a different definition for, since our test is Monday.

I know it seems ridiculous to be so mad about it, but I would've had a 100 on this homework assignment (which I desperately need) and I deserve it because I did it RIGHT according to what significant figures are defined as.

I think he just doesn't want to admit that he's wrong.

Rant over.

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Southern Charm said...

Woah! Yeah dude is totally wrong! I hate when professors are like that. Keep your chin up!! :-)

Megan said...

Never a commenter on here, but always a science/math lover so I figured I'd speak up! ... A zero at the beginning or end of a sig fig is mearly a place holder and need not be displayed! That's crazy talk for him to mark it wrong!

Abbey said...

I'd be mad too! If every single person in the class got it wrong... come on, professor dude. Face the facts.

Kristen said...

I was expecting two numbers after the decimal place to be honest. But that's how I was always taught for sig figs. Everyone is definitely different.

However, I would always do three after the decimal, cause that's how I roll. lol

Ramblin' Blonde said...

What a jerk! Seriously, he should throw that question out. Hang in there!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I've been taught the same as you! He marked it wrong!

Kathryn said...

Honestly, I thought out would be two decimal points, but I haven't been in a science class where out mattered in 10 years. (freshman chem before I changed my major, holy cow, I feel old now).