Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 3 Out West

Day 3- We woke up and hit the road to head to Blanding, UT
Right outside of Moab we stopped at a total tourist trap called Hole in the Rock
Next, we stopped at Hovenweep National Monument - where Ancestral Puebloan cultures built dwellings along a valley. The dwellings were several stories, and remarkable considering how long ago they were constructed.

Then we continued our drive to Natural Bridges National Monument. The natural bridges area was incredible, and very few people were in the park because the weather was beginning to get bad - but this made for some pretty cool cloud coverage.

The bridges were stream-carved, and it's truly amazing to see the height of the arches. The bridge pictured is the Sipapu bridge, and at its arch it is 220 feet high. 

After we saw the bridges we headed back to the hotel after a long day in the car, to prepare for our next day's drive into Death Valley.

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